Video: Christopher Nolan Plus The Great Gatsby Equals Michael Fassbender As James Bond

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Michael Fassbender James Bond Christopher Nolan mash-up video Leonardo DiCaprioAre you one of those folks who never quite accepted Daniel Craig as James Bond, who's counting down the years til he vacates the role (as rumor has it he will) and a new successor is picked? Well, then let me present to you the unexpected but rather fitting choice of Michael Fassbender. The Irish-German actor, who's spent the past few years entertaining us as a mutant, a Spartan, and an android, has the class and brute force to slip into the Bond persona.

Don't believe me? Watch this impressive trailer for a hypothetical Bond origin story, written and directed by Christopher Nolan. YouTuber Mr88668866 has mashed up footage from Batman Begins/The Dark Knight Rises and Inception to set the tone, then inserted Fassy as his character from the recent action flick Haywire — and I think Leonardo DiCaprio from The Great Gatsby as the white-suited villain, which is genius — to create a convincing origin story.

You'll want to watch it more than once to see if you catch all of the clips, including from Bond movies past. Of course, Michael's pretty busy at the moment: He's reteaming with Shame director Steve McQueen for the drama Twelve Years a Slave, as well as playing a lawyer who gets mixed up in drug trafficking in The Counselor. In the latter, he'll co-star with Brad Pitt—no Leo, to be sure, but still a formidable on-screen foil.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to spend the rest of the day humming the James Bond theme while envisioning Michael in his X-Men: First Class costumes.

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