Michael Cera Tries To Grow Up His Image With Hallucinogens And Prostitutes In Crystal Fairy

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Ever since he first rose to fame playing George Michael Bluth on Arrested Development, Michael Cera has had somewhat of an image problem, in that he seems to play the same awkward, mumbling, teenage character in everything he's in, which is not something you win Oscars for. Also, he's 24, and one can only ride that act for so long before it becomes creepy and sad. I mean, can you imagine Michael Cera playing that character at age 40? I suppose I can, but it would be pretty dark. (This could work well in the right hands, of course. But I digress.)

Perhaps in an effort to grow up his image before it's too late, Michael Cera is starring in a new movie called Crystal Fairy from Chilean writer-director Sebastián Silva that deals with some rather adult subject matter, like mescaline and prostitutes. And now there are clips up online that feature just those two very grown up things!

In the first teaser, Cera finds himself freaking out on mescaline in the Mexican desert with some new friends he met. It's pretty funny! I've never done mescaline, but now I kind of want to just so I can laugh at how much better I handle it than Cera's character:

In the second clip, he asks a prostitute “how many dicks have you sucked today?”, which is certainly new territory for him. But then he kind of ruins it for himself by offering to cook the prostitutes dinner.

I don't know about you, but I'm not really convinced his character in this movie is all that different from his previous ones, even if the subject matter is more mature. However, I am definitely going to go see it, as the thought of George Michael Bluth blundering around the shady Mexican underworld is hilarious.

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