Michael Cera In New Islands Video

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The new video for Islands‘ song “No You Don’t” is pretty awesome. It features Michael Cera (of Superbad and the upcoming Youth in Revolt) doing drugs. It’s pretty weird and trippy and hilarious. You can see it here (along with a video of Cera hanging out with the Jersey Shore dudes…yes!)

Michael Cera in New Islands Video noyoudontflyer 412x590 jpg

Image: JellyNYC

JellyNYC is throwing a party tomorrow night (Wednesday, January 6) to celebrate the video’s release with Islands’ frontman Nick Diamonds and video director Pinky “TV Carnage” Beckles at Legion (790 Metropolitan Ave in Williamsburg). There will be a video screening plus bonus content. PLUS there will be a celebrity DJ—could it be Michael Cera??