Is It Okay That I’m Attracted To Michael Buble In His New Video?

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Michael Buble music video stillListen, I was kind of under the impression that we were all in agreement that Michael Buble is not attractive. He's not ugly by any means, but he's older and kind of hokey and Canadian, so I thought I could cross him off my ‘Celebrities I Will Never Get With But Will Fantasize About Regardless' List. But nope! I apparently spoke too soon, because I'm tragically attracted to him in his new video for his song ‘It's A Beautiful Day‘.

Curse you, Buble! How did this happen? What secret Canadian voodoo have you worked on me? I can't even put my finger on what it is, but something about him trotting around the street while his wife Lisa Marie Pressley cheats on him with that Go Daddy guy (who's getting a lot of action lately, by the way) makes him so adorable and likeable! The man loves balloons! And kissing booths! And ladies in wacky outfits! I could do that — I could wear a wacky outfit! Let me go get my red and white striped knee socks RIGHT NOW and we'll start our lives together. But wait…what's this caption I'm reading on online photos of you? ‘Canadian crooner and model wife'? What? Noooo! Model wife? I can't compete with that!

Michael Buble! I went out on a limb for you! I expanded my ideals of attractiveness to include you! Granted, I wasn't totally in control of that process, but it happened, okay?!? God this is the worst day ever. That's the last time I let myself watch a piece of digital media without mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the consequences first.