Mia: One Character, Two Ways

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Did you know that there were 2 actresses to play the character of Mia on Gilmore Girls?

Elizabeth Franz & Kathy Baker

Mia was the owner of the Independence Inn, the Inn where Lorelai ran to with baby Rory after leaving the Gilmore home. Lorelai started there as a maid and worked her way up to being manager. Mia only appeared in two episodes of Gilmore Girls since Lorelai was such an adept manager of the Inn! However, she had a profound influence on Lorelai's life, taking the place of the mother figure for Lorelai while she learned to be an independent young mother (see how the name of the Inn nicely fits in with that?).

The character of Mia appeared in Season 2 in ‘The Ins and Outs of Inns‘, played by Elizabeth Franz. Mia made an appearance again in Season 7 when Lorelai, Rory and Emily went to her wedding. The actress portraying Mia in ‘Gilmore Girls Only‘ was Kathy Baker.

Since working on Gilmore Girls, Elizabeth Franz has made guest appearances on shows like Law & Order and was in the movie The Reader in 2005. Elizabeth is also a stage actress with her latest production in The Piano Teacher in 2007.

Kathy Baker may be more of a familiar face, known from her films including Edward Scissorhands and Cold Mountain. Kathy, like Elizabeth, is also a stage actress including 2007's The Jane Austen Book Club. Most recently, Kathy appeared in an episode of Grey's Anatomy and in the movies Last Chance Harvey and Shades of Ray. She has 3 movies (two for TV) coming up in 2009.

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