This Is The Photo That Made Me Love Meryl Streep 63 Times Harder Than I Already Did

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Meryl Streep turns 63 today. In human years. In perfect person years, I think she's only like 5. But I'm just a regular human being who rides the subways, so I can't attest to that.

What I can attest to is the fact that this photo's amazing. Not only does Meryl look fabulous (obvi), but she looks so wonderfully normal. Like she could be any of us and any of us could be Meryl Streep. That a photo taken of me riding the subway this year can turn up on a blog (or telepathic newspaper) in 40 years.

It reminds me that we all have a little Meryl Streep inside all of us. We all have the ability to be better human beings. So today, and just today, be Meryl. Be wonderful and perfect. Ride the (metaphorical) subway of life with glamour and grace.

Happy Birthday Meryl Streep. I love you. In a totally professional pop-culture-blogger way.

(Photo: LIFE via Gothamist)