Meryl Streep Reads An Oatmeal Recipe On Ellen Like It’s An Excerpt From Fifty Shades Of Grey

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Meryl Streep makes oatmeal sound sexy the ellen show

Just as I was about to scoop my brains back into my head after Meryl Streep blew them out of my head with her Benedict Cumberbatch comment yesterday, she does another amazing interview. To think of the time I would've wasted swiffering my brain juices off the kitchen floor only to have them get messed up all over again! Today's interview comes from The Ellen ShowEven though we say this all the time on this site, it cannot be said enough that Ellen DeGeneres is THE BEST at interviewing celebrities. Just this morning, she made me like Kim Kardashian. And that never happens! Seriously I was all like, “remind me why we're all anti-Kim again? She seems so chill!”

Rather than just go through the whole “tell me about movie” schtick that so many other TV hosts do with their guests, Ellen asked Meryl to prove her acting chops by handing her an oatmeal recipe and asking her read it sexy. And she did! She read the oatmeal recipe very sexy! So sexy that I blushed and looked around to make sure no one none of my co-workers could hear the sounds coming out of my computer. I don't know if I should admit this in writing, but I'm suddenly having weird fantasies about the Quaker Oats man. What does he look like without that cumbersome shirt on…

On the slight chance that this little impromptu Anastasia Steele audition didn't distract you with thoughts about whether an oatmeal fetish was a real thing, you should know there's more! After ruining my mundane morning oatmeal forever, Ellen then asked Meryl to read a traffic report as a woman in labor and a Wikipedia entry as an annoyed teenager. Obviously she nailed them both. Woman's due for a one-woman Broadway show any day now. But until then, enjoy watching this video.