12 Facts That Will Make You Love Meryl Streep Even More Than You Do

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Meryl Streep Flailing Arms


If there's even one human left in the world who isn't almost entirely obsessed with Meryl Streep, I'm about to convert them like it's a religion. We could even have a formal ceremony once the transformation is complete, but that's a detail we can work out later on. What I'm most concerned about right now is the fact that there's a chance that you maybe only love Meryl, but you don't love love Meryl.

YET. For one thing, I'm pretty sure she's about to bring it once again in her new movie, August: Osage CountyThe film, which also stars Julia Roberts and every other person in Hollywood, is about a family who is reunited with the dysfunctional woman who raised them after a crisis happens. I can't wait to see it. And, secondly, she's just crazy awesome and I've got these 12 facts to prove it.

Before you know it, you'll go from thinking of her as a good actress to your number one imaginary-BFF-candidate. After all, she's been doing the insanely talented and charming thing since before a Jennifer ever Lawrenced. And she's got it down to an endearing science.

1. She almost lost her first Oscar in a bathroom.  Meryl Streep Deep Breath


That's right. She won the Best Actress category for her movie Kramer vs. Kramer, (which I stand by as the saddest movie of all time) and momentarily left in on the back of a toilet. She eventually caught up with the award, which is good because, if she hadn't, she would have only had two Academy Award statues for her mantle today instead of three.

2. She can do any accent you toss her way. Meryl Streep No One Can Do What I Do


Mer Mer has mastered over a dozen accents for her various movies because she feels that that's always a huge part of embodying a character. Another fan of her talent with accents? Roger Ebert, who once said that hers was “the first accent [he's] ever wanted to hug.”

3. She has her own day.Meryl Streep It's Meryl Streep Day


Yep. May 27 was declared Meryl Streep Day in New York in 2004. As far as I know, no one throws annual parties celebrating this day, which is an injustice that we need to fix ASAP.

4. She's mostly scandal free.Meryl Streep Smile


Somehow, Meryl's navigated a Hollywood career for over 40 years (holy crap!) without being a fixture in the tabloids. And, while I do love to unwind after a long day with a cool glass of celebrity scandal, I think it's even more intriguing when a huge star manages to avoid them.

5. She has a total of 17 Oscar noms and 26 Golden Globe noms.Meryl Streep Mustache


Beat THAT, literally everyone ever.

6. She's super proud of her waitressing abilities.

Meryl Streep Taking Off Glasses


Meryl once said in an interview that the best thing that she could do in her youth was serve eight tables at once as a waitress. That, in itself, is pretty impressive to a klutz like myself. But what impresses me even more is how humble an answer that is.

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