Watch Women Dressed As Meryl Streep Characters Compete In A Hilarious Meryl-Streep-Themed Triathlon

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Billy Eichner Meryl fucking streep


I'm starting to think Billy Eichner should be arrested for being so funny on his show Billy on the Street. It simply can't be legal for him to do the hilarious things he does. Like, for instance, getting a group of women to dress up as various Meryl Streep characters and compete in a thriathlon while answering questions about Meryl and completing Meryl-themed challenges. It's the kind of thing only Billy Eichner — for whom Meryl Streep is God — could come up with, and I'm obsessed with it.

It's called the Meryl-Go-Round, and it's exactly what I just described. If you're thinking about questioning it, don't. Questioning will only ruin the hilarity. And there's quite a lot of hilarity to be enjoyed here. First of all, the costumes are top notch. Very convincing. The ladies do some running while answering Streep trivia that everyone should know, passing an Oscar baton between each other. Then they have to complete challenges related to Meryl's movies. For example, the Miranda Priestly contestant must catch Anne Hathaway in a net and drag her off the stage while she gives her Oscar speech. The usual.

And don't forget the famous Meryl-Go-Round itself, which is just one of those carnival rides that swings and spins around and makes you feel like you're about to hurl. The tough part here is that while you feel like you're about to hurl, you also have to figure out the answers to some opinion-based Meryl questions, like for instance, “When Meryl Streep lost the Oscar for Doubt, which sense did I temporarily lose? Sense of hearing or sense of smell?” Basically, you're missing out if you don't watch this video, because it's amazing and hilarious and ridiculous. Billy Fucking Eichner and his Meryl Fucking Streep obsession is simply the best.