Video: Billy Eichner Fangirling Over Meryl Streep On Watch What Happens Live Is Adorable

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Watch What Happens Live got really classed up when Meryl Streep stopped by last night, but if you thought that Andy Cohen was the one who was going to freak out over the Oscar-winning star, you're wrong. As his other “guest” he brought on comedian Billy Eichner to bartend and lose his shit whenever Meryl looked his way. See, Billy is best known for Funny Or Die's Billy on the Street comedy game show videos where he quizzes passersby on pop culture. He's also Meryl's biggest fan.

Obviously they play everything up in the Bravo clubhouse, but it was still amazing to see Billy go into full-on flailing and screeching mode, yelling “MERYL STREEP! YES! IT'S HAPPENING!” She seemed genuinely surprised at the level of his dedication but wasn't a bitch about it, instead giggling in disbelief and even egging him on a little as you can see from the photo above. Yep, she's a classy broad: She takes her fans' reactions gracefully, and she doesn't let Andy Cohen coerce her into wearing flannel jammies when visiting.

Check out this video from Bravo, which starts with Meryl's YouTube fans videotaping their reactions to her Oscar win for The Iron Lady, then shows a clip from Billy on the Street, then shows Billy shitting bricks. Happy weekend!

Photo: Bravo