The 18 Most Memorable Awards Show Moments

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It's that time of year again: awards show season. Week after week, we'll be treated to the sight of others richer and more famous than ourselves getting all dressed up to receive recognition for their talents. Things kicked off with the Golden Globes, but they've really barely begun. We've got the Oscars, the Grammys, and numerous other shows to get through yet in 2018.

Watching the same people receive the same awards week-in week-out would get a little boring if it weren't for the total unpredictability of the awards shows themselves. They've been the source of numerous controversies, hilarious moments, unexpected kisses, and totally expected fall-outs. Celebs have managed to offend each other, the general public, and on one occasion the Vatican at these prestigious events. On other occasions, they've managed to use the spotlight for good to promote those less fortunate than themselves. Whatever the details, there are a number of infamous awards show incidents that have really stuck in our minds…