Meme Alert: ‘Stocking’ Is Better Than Planking

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No, not stalking. Stalking has been a thing online for quite some time already. Stocking.

I'm pretty sure the above photo explains it pretty well, but “stocking” is the process by which an individual recreates a stock photo, then posts the two side by side for comparison. Here are a couple more examples:

This is a lot cooler than planking/horsemaning/etc. in my opinion, because those things basically contain one joke that gets old fast. Stocking, on the other hand, has a ton of potential for variation. The world of stock photos is vast and strange, and the juxtapositions of stock vs. original photos can be hilarious. Some show how absurd a certain pose would look if people actually tried it in real life, while others highlight the strangeness of a world staffed entirely by people who look like professional models. I mean, that is one sexy IT department.

I encourage anyone who is currently super bored to try out some “stocking” of your own and send them to //submissions@crushable.com. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Happy stocking.

(Via Buzzfeed and Stocking Is The New Planking)