Melissa McCarthy Wants To Bring Her Weird Improv Character Marbles To Saturday Night Live

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One of the best things about Melissa McCarthy‘s performance in Bridesmaids was that her character Megan was far raunchier and more hilarious than her roles on Gilmore Girls or Mike & Molly. As it turns out, Melissa has a whole bunch of similarly shocking characters up her sleeve—including Marbles, who got her her job on Mike & Molly and who she wants to bring to her gig hosting SNL tomorrow night.

And who exactly is Marbles? As Melissa tells The Hollywood Reporter, she created Marbles while with L.A. improv troupe The Groundlings; she's “a cross-eyed, eccentric genius.” Marbles sounds like a lucky charm: Not only did Mike & Molly creator Mark Roberts love Melissa the moment he saw Marbles on her reel, but it was that character that also won over Melissa's husband (and fellow Groundlings alum) Ben Falcone.

Let us introduce you to Marbles, who has a bone to pick with Taco Bell:

“She's so near and dear to my heart,” Melissa told the New York Post about Marbles in 2010. “Sometimes when my husband and I are discussing things, Marbles weighs in. It's very disturbing.”

“If I get Marbles on SNL, you can hit me with a bus right after that and I'll be OK,” she joked to THR. With a day and a half til her SNL debut, it's all up to the writers now!