Weekend Update Says Goodbye To Seth Meyers + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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Melissa McCarthy SNL 2-1-14

After two weeks away from Saturday Night Live (I was getting married and honeymooning and stuff, but I'm not gonna lie- I totally missed watching it and I hate feeling out of the loop), last night's episode featuring Melissa McCarthy was a delightful return SNL for me.  Just as I knew she would, Melissa delivered.  Sure, she has a semi-predictable character pattern but I happen to absolutely love all of them, so I can't say it bothers me one bit.  She always gives 100%.

Last night also marks the first time I got to witness Sasheer Zamata, and though she wasn't in most of the sketches, it was still exciting to see her on the show.  I think her stand-up is hilarious, and I can't wait to see more from her on SNL.  Last night also marked Seth Meyers' last show, which is very sad, but at least he received one hell of a goodbye.  Which brings me to my first favorite clip:

1. Seth Meyers Delivers His Final Joke

After 12 years of watching Seth Meyers (and harboring a mini-crush on him), it was sad to realize he won't be part of the show anymore.  When Cecily Strong's voice was catching with emotion, I kind of teared up.  Luckily Stefon, Amy Poehler, and Andy Samburg made it funny instead.

2. Delaware One

Former basketball coach Sheila Kelly (one of my favorite skits from 2013) returns as Freshman Congresswoman Sheila Kelly.  Need I say more?  Try not to be frightened.

3. 28 Reasons

I'm totally hugging black guys every day for the next 26 days.  Even though my ancestors were all incredibly poor immigrants who definitely never owned human beings.

4. Opening Monologue

Aerial kung-fu fighting with Bobby Moynihan?  Melissa McCarthy breaking a vase?  Melissa McCarthy hijacking a llama?  Melissa McCarthy once again rocking Christian Louboutin heels?  All great components of a perfect opening monologue.  Yes, please.

5. Cold Open: Halftime Spectacular

Calling all theater geeks!  Maybe I'm a little partial to this one because I absolutely love musical theater (I don't do the “theatRE” thing, sorry) and I absolutely love making fun of it even more.  But this deserves a spot on the list because it's hilarious, insane, accurate, and actually looks like it was a lot of hard work for one sketch.  Given the fact that a lot of halftime shows have been lame and boring since Nipplegate, I wouldn't be surprised if they went this direction at some point.  “Mama Pass.” Ha. Could you imagine?

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