Melissa McCarthy’s SNL Promos Are So Delightful, You Won’t Be Able To Pick A Favorite

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Melissa McCarthy Kenan Thompson SNL promo

Melissa McCarthy is hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, so I'll go ahead and assume that means everyone in America will be staying in on Saturday night, right? I don't care about your friend's birthday party or that midnight movie screening or your job or anything. It's your duty as a citizen to watch America's sweetheart do her thing. It's Melissa's third time hosting, and she's been great the first two times, so it's safe to say this time will be no different. And don't you dare tell her “third time's the charm,” or much like Kenan Thompson in these new promos, you'll feel Melissa's wrath.

That's just one of the hilarious moments from this collection of promotional vignettes (that's a thing now, according to me) released by NBC ahead of her hosting. There are so many great bits in here that it's hard to pick just one to focus on or watch on repeat for the rest of the day. So I'll just be watching all of them. I'll be watching Melissa rattle off alternate names for the Super B- I mean the Televised Man Battle With Ball. I'll be watching her make up the lyrics to the song “Imagine Dragons,” including the line “I'm picking up the phone 'cause I am a dragon.” And of course I'll be watching her have a dance party to celebrate her hosting gig.

There are so many stiff, unenthusiastic SNL promos in existence from various celebrities (cough, Bruce Willis, cough) that it's always refreshing to see the show really take advantage of a hosts' talents at comedy and run with it. There's a reason Melissa's back to host a third time — she's freakin' hilarious. I'm not sure what she's on the show to promote, since she doesn't have any new projects coming out. But that doesn't matter. Funny people are always welcome on my television.

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