Dear Hollywood Gods: Don’t Let This Melissa McCarthy Gossip Be True

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Ever since I first saw Melissa McCarthy steal a bunch of puppies in Bridesmaids, I knew we had a long future together. She's funny and she's ballsy and she had no shame when it came to chugging ranch dressing on Saturday Night Live. I'm always looking for new funny women to obsess over and she seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

However as much I love her, I can never bring myself to watch  Mike & Molly. Mostly because the overall consensus from everyone is  that it's not funny and therefore not worth watching. With a plethora of Law & Order:SVU marathons airing all day, every day, I simply don't have time to watch shows that aren't critically acclaimed or starring Milania Giudice.

Sorry I'm not sorry for having TV viewing standards-ish.

However just because I don't like Mike and Molly doesn't mean that I don't want Melissa McCarthy to enjoy it. After all, she's the star of the show. If Jennifer Lawrence can survive The Bill Engvall Show, I think Melissa can make it through this. However that's now rumored not to be the case.

In fact Generation Gossip's sources say her fame's gone to her head.

According to sources, the Emmy winner is not being pleasant on set. In fact they say that she is insufferable “She came back this season with a huge chip on her shoulder, and it’s creating a lot of tension and bad feelings on the set.” While I don't doubt that there is tensions on set, I would guess it's because she is becoming the break out star and not one of her other co-stars. I just wanted to stick this quote in because it sums everything up beautifully “It’s obvious she wants out of ‘Mike & Molly’ – now.”

But I'm going to come out and say that I'm 94% sure this story's made-up. No one that I love could possibly be responsible for creating bad feelings. Especially not someone who does this:

So until these sources upgrade to “concerned friends of the star,” I'm going to say this rumor's totally false.

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