Melissa McCarthy Brings Her Parents To The Ellen Show, And Obviously Adorableness Ensued

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Melissa McCarthy bridesmaids couch

If you're looking for a quick pick-me-up on this chilly Monday morning, look no further than this clip from The Ellen ShowIt has Melissa McCarthy, Melissa McCarthy's parents and just the right amount of old people saying the darndest things. While you'll most certainly have a chance to watch this video yourself, I want to prepare you for how warm and fuzzy you're going to feel after watching it.

I also want to prepare you for how badly you're going to want to call your parents and start developing a media-ready relationship. And by that I mean, a relationship full of funbarassing stories that will delight audiences without making them feel uncomfortable. You know, just in case you get famous overnight and you and your parents start doing the press rounds together. You want the anecdotes that make you look human — and not the ones that make you look like you're still in recovery from being an emotionally disturbed teenager. You also want to be able to speak about your parents affectionately, without any leftover resentment from that time your mother spoke to you at the mall in front of your friends even though you explicitly asked her to not to do that. As soon as your friends found out you had a mom, all your street cred flew out the window. No amount of incredibly deep away messages on A.I.M could win it back. Like I hinted at earlier, I have a lot of work to do get my relationship with my parents ready for the talk show circuit.

After watching Melissa McCarthy affectionately tell stories about her parents, it's clear that they're 100% media-ready. It's also clear that I have a soft spot for supportive parents. Guess my heart isn't made out of stone after all.

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