Melissa McCarthy Isn’t The Best At Lip Syncing, But She Sure Knows How To Put On A Show

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Melissa McCarthy Isn t the Best at Lip Syncing  but She Sure Knows How to Put on a Show Melissa McCarthy Lip Sync Battle Tonight Show April 2016 jpg

Last night Jimmy Fallon welcomed Melissa McCarthy to The Tonight Show, and they had themselves a little Lip Sync Battle. What I learned from said Lip Sync Battle is that Melissa McCarthy is not the best lip syncer. And I’m talking the actual lip syncing part, where your mouth moves in time with the words that are being sung in the song that’s playing. She doesn’t seem to have memorized all the lyrics (she’s a busy lady, I get it), so at times she just sort of makes random shapes with her mouth. But somehow that doesn’t even matter.

While I would always prefer that a Lip Sync Battle include top-notch lip syncing, it’s also about putting on a show and entertaining people. And as we all know already, Melissa McCarthy knows how to entertain people. So even when she’s not lip syncing perfectly, her performance is still enjoyable. She starts the battle pretty simply, with DMX’s “X Gon’ Give It To Ya.” She dons a hat and shows off some X-themed dance moves. Jimmy’s fake roller skating to Melanie’s “Brand New Key” is pretty stiff competition, though. Until the second round, of course.

Jimmy gives an admirable performance of Zayn’s “PILLOWTALK” (the clean version, obvs) that involves him rolling around on the floor resting his head on a literal pillow. But it’s nothing compared to Melissa’s take on “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas. As I already established, she’s not the best at the lip syncing part, but the rest is just too good. Melissa dons goggles before she begins, and it turns out that’s because she gets literally hit in the face with the colors of the wind. And some other junk. I feel bad for whoever had to clean all of that up afterward, but not bad enough to regret seeing it.