Happy Birthday, Melissa McCarthy, Queen Of Hilarious Red Carpet Pictures!

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Happy 42nd birthday to Melissa McCarthy, one of our favorite funny ladies! She's one of those people who seems not to give a shit what anybody thinks of her, and it only makes me love her more. She achieved recent fame through her hilarious (and Oscar-nominated) performance in Bridesmaids and her starring role as Molly Flynn on the sitcom Mike and Molly, but before that she was on Gilmore Girls, Samantha Who?, and had a number of supporting roles in movies like Charlie's Angels and The Back-Up Plan.

Probably my favorite thing about her is her irreverence, which she also showed off on her episode hosting Saturday Night Live, and which will hopefully feature heavily into her new projects. She's currently filming The Heat, her cop-comedy with Sandra Bullock coming out in 2013, and is is in post-production for ID Theft, a project with Jason Bateman, as well as the sequel to 40-Year Old Virgin.

In short, she's a popular lady right now, as well she should be. Her comic timing is impeccable, and she's a fearless performer. But performing isn't all she does. She also has two kids — Vivian and Georgette — with husband Ben Falcone, whom she married in 2005 after being together since their time together in Groundlings. If you ever want to feel really good about love and being alive, read some interviews of Ben talking about Melissa and how proud he is of her and how much he loves her, and how beautiful their family is, and oh my god it's amazing.

Bottom line, we here at Crushable are so happy for Melissa that she's finally getting the attention she deserves, and so thrilled that she's not letting the fame change her from the zany, hilarious person she set out to be. While other women are primping and preening on the red carpet, Melissa is pulling faces and cracking up her fellow red-carpet-walkers. Now, how about we look at some pictures together of her being the ridiculous, crazy, hilarious person that she is? Whaddya say?