Melissa McCarthy Hung Out With a Gilmore Girls Co-Star This Weekend, How Interesting

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Melissa McCarthy Gilmore Girls gonna cry


When I first heard that Netflix was planning a Gilmore Girls revival, I had a feeling that Melissa McCarthy would be the Olsen twins of the situation. She's arguably (except no one would argue against it because it's obvious) the most famous person to come out of that show, and she probably has a full schedule of starring roles in major movie comedies.

Unsurprisingly, just when it seemed that every single person who ever starred on the show, all the way down to April Nardini, would be returning for the new episodes, we learned that Melissa, aka Sookie St. James, most likely wouldn't be among them. Show creator Amy Sherman-Palladino said she had informed Melissa's team that she would write her a scene if she were available, even if it was just a cameo. Melissa then tweeted that no one had invited her to return.

Then something interesting happened over the weekend. Yanic Truesdale, who played concierge Michel on the show and will be returning for the revival, posted an Instagram photo of himself hanging out with Melissa, writing, “Scotch, great meal and catching up with my old friend @melissamccarthy, can't ask for more!”

Yanic Truesdale Melissa McCarthy March 2016

(Photo: Instagram)

Probably expecting that fans would freak out and assume this meant Melissa was returning, Yanic made sure to add in his caption, “Don't read anything into it guys.” But could it be that, by the end of their dinner, Yanic actually convinced Melissa to come back, and they're just waiting to make it official? Or is there really no hope for more Sookie? I mean, even Jackson is returning. How is he going to explain his wife not being there? Unless they're divorced or she died, which would just be sad.

Quit playing games with our hearts, Gilmore Girls people! What could have just been a fun mini reunion has now become just another question mark over the heads of fans everywhere.