Are Melissa McCarthy And Ben Falcone Hollywood’s New IT Couple?

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At this time last year Melissa McCarty had close to no mainstream name recognition. If she was lucky, she would probably get a “are you the one in that show Mike and Molly?” And her husband Ben Falcone had even less street cred. But this year they're known as the two breakout stars in the Oscar-nominated film  Bridesmaids. Not only is it up for a Best Original Screenplay Oscar, but Melissa's role scored her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

However they're not letting one hit movie get to their heads. In fact they're working harder than ever at making a name for themselves in Hollywood. Yesterday CBS gave a pilot order to a multi-cam show starring Ben as a man forced to move back home with his parents after he loses everything in the real estate collapse. Melissa will be a co-executive producer on the project. This is in addition to the film Tammy that Ben and Melissa co-wrote together. Melissa, of course, will be starring in that one as a woman who sets off on a road trip with her grandmother after discovering her husband's cheating on her.

While husbands and wives working together in Hollywood isn't extremely rare, there's something that seems a lot more impressive about Melissa and Ben's partnership. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that they come off as an ordinary couple who happened to make it big. They're your next-door neighbors who won the lottery. Sure they might move to a bigger house, but they'll still invite you over for catered pool barbecues and movie nights in the screening room with Octavia Spencer.

Unlike so many other working couples in Hollywood, they don't come off as intimidating and unattainable. Nor do they come off like they're faking it and playing it up for the cameras. No one's walking around wondering if they were set up by a crafty PR team or if they're staying together for eachother's star power.

In light of the neverending divorces, custody battles and affairs, they're a refreshing Hollywood couple to see because it's so clear that they can work together as a team on and off screen.

So, are Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone Hollywood's newest IT couple? I'm going to have to say yes.