Megan Mullally Wears Out The Bleep Button With A Rap While Nick Offerman Watches Adoringly

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Nick Offerman Megan Mullally Seth Meyers June 2014

Is there a better celebrity couple than Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally? The more I see and hear from them, the more I think the answer to that is no. They're just the best. And after gushing about each other separately on countless talk shows, they finally sat down together last night on Late Night with Seth Meyers and continued to be adorable. Megan even performed a curse-laden rap, and Nick looked at her like she'd just recited romantic poetry.

It all starts when Megan mentions that she has a band called Nancy & Beth (Nick even performed with them once, and it was glorious), and they sometimes perform rap songs. So obviously Megan offers to provide a sample during the interview. Because I'm sure she knows that nothing endears you to the general public as a celebrity quite like busting out a rap. Just ask Amanda Seyfried. I'll warn you that even though Seth's show got a lot of use out of the bleep sound, it's still a NSFW song, so don't blast it in your cubicle unless you know your boss is cool with that.

But when you do watch it, make sure you pay attention to Nick's reaction afterward, because he could not be more in love with her. He gives her a slow clap and then smiles at her adoringly before holding her hand. And when Seth mentions all the cursing she did, Nick giggles so proudly, like, “Look what my wife did! Isn't she the best?” I need these two to stay together forever. Please don't let anything happen to this beautiful relationship, oh gods of celebrity romance. You already ripped apart Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. Spare these two, please. Go focus your wrath on Charlize Theron and Sean Penn or something.