Megan Mullally Explains How She Taught Nick Offerman To Smile, Teaches Me To Smile In The Process

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Megan Mullally Conan Nick Offerman smile 2013

If Megan Mullally and her husband Nick Offerman were any cuter, I'm not sure the world could handle it. They're constantly telling great stories about each other in interviews and on talk shows. Even when they're not physically in the same place I still think of them as one of the best couples in Hollywood. Now that I've watched Megan explain to Conan O'Brien how she taught Nick to smile, I myself am smiling like I never knew I could. That's some cute couple magic right there.

It all starts when Conan asks if Nick, the ultimate manly man, has a feminine side. Then they get into talking about his surprisingly girlish giggle, and Conan wonders how in the world that sound can come out of such a masculine, wood-working fellow. First Megan tries to replicate the giggle, which is adorable enough in itself. But then she goes on to explain how her wifely love taught Nick the proper way to smile and laugh, and the video just becomes hopelessly delightful.

Megan explains that Nick didn't have that giggle or that wide smile when they first started dating, and eventually, in what I imagine is the same way Jane taught Tarzan about the human world, she taught him a new method of responding to humor by showing his teeth. She then proceeds to imitate his attempt at smiling and also proceeds to make me determined to be a better smiler myself. You can be my teacher, Megan. Just like you were Nick's teacher.

Be sure to also watch the video until the end to hear about Nick's yellow overalls.