Megan Fox Saying She Wasn’t Pretty In High School Just Makes Ugly Girls Feel Uglier

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If hot actresses with amazing bodies aren't claiming that they maintain their figure through a healthy diet and a normal workout schedule, then they're claiming they were ugly losers in high schools. One of these two quotes always make it into every celebrity profile in a magazine — and rather than making all of us normals feel better about ourselves, we just feel worse.

Megan Fox, a professional hot human being, remains determined to convince us that she and Golum were dopplegangers in high school. In 2008 she started her whole “I had no friends in high school” shtick by claiming she was an outcast. Now, in the March issue of Miami she says: “I was never the pretty girl.” However, considering the fact that she wasn't born in the 1700s, her high school her yearbook photos exist, proving once and for all that Megan Fox was pretty in high school.

Sure she might not have been a sex symbol in the 10th grade, but it's hard to look at these yearbook photos and agree that she was some kind of ugly duckling who pulled a Matthew Lewis and woke up gorgeous in her 20s. And if Megan really looks at these high school photos and thinks she's ugly, she should see the rest of America. Because, we don't always look so hot.

It's not Megan's fault she never had an awkward stage. More power to her. More braces for the rest of us. It's more demeaning to hear celebrities constantly trying to get on our level with their stories of awkward adolescence.  They're celebrities for a reason, and a lot of times that reason is that they're good looking, outgoing and personable — all the qualities needed to be popular in high school.

Celebs don't need to try to get on our level. We like them because they're not on our level, because they're cooler, more talented, more beautiful, more successful than us. If all our friends were like that, we wouldn't need celebrities.