Megan Fox Looks Photoshopped Out Of Her Goddamn Mind In This Fragrance Ad

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Megan Fox photoshopped in Avon Instinct campaign August 2013Please allow me to introduce you to the face that is masquerading as Megan Fox‘s face in the new campaign for the Avon fragrance ‘Instinct'. Said face is Caucasian with dark hair and light eyes, but that's pretty much where the similarities stop, and I think I need an adult to really parse this out for me.

I've had suspicions of late that Megan Fox has been fiddling around with plastic surgery anyway, which prompts the question WHAT WHY WHAT YOU'RE MEGAN FOX EVEN YOUR LAST NAME MEANS ‘HOT', but I also sense there's even more afoot here than all that. Sure, there are pressures of Hollywood that I couldn't even begin to understand, but this picture is barely even recognizably Megan Fox. I mean, they had to put her name right on it, there in the bottom left corner, just to make it super clear to the consumer that we're not casting super baked androids covered in pancake makeup for our modeling campaigns now. Even though that's what it looks like.

It's hard to even know where to start with discussing this photo, but I think probably the mouth and the cheekbones are the most egregious offenders in the game of ‘look like Megan Fox'. The top half of her face looks enough like her that I'd probably recognize it, but the bottom half…I don't know, guys. It's the wrong lip shape, her mouth is too far down her face for the jaw to work on a functioning human, and those cheekbones are completely painted on in post. I've seen amateur drag queens with better blend than this. Even her teeth seem to have a gap in them now, that I don't remember from every single picture of her ever.

I'm not trying to snark at Megan Fox herself, because I think she's a shockingly beautiful girl (and newly re-pregnant!) — I just think that whoever was the Lord Of The Photoshop on this campaign got a little trigger-happy, erasing flaws and changing noses willy nilly until this poor girl looks like a heavily sedated Megan Fox lookalike who came straight to the shoot from a dental procedure and still has a mouth full of Novocaine. Plus an armpit that seems to be rotating up the side of her arm, which is a tough condition to live with.

(Image: FashionGoneRogue)