Megan Fox Admits That She Bullies Anyone Who Dares To Flirt With Her

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Megan Fox Hair Flips

If you aren't up for carting your wounded pride to the Emergency Room, then don't even bother trying to chat up Megan Fox. Because she will bully you so hard that your grandkids will feel your dignity shrivel up and know not to flirt with her future grandchildren. She can see you all, from a mile away, planning out your pick-up lines. And just know that she's always ready to annihilate your attempts with a military-grade cannon.

In Cosmopolitan's August 2014 issue, Megan admits that she gets a special joy from heckling every person who tries to get into her pants. Or, like, compliments her new bangs with a little too much gusto.

“When I’m working, I refuse to flirt. If someone tries, it becomes an endless roast. I’ll say, ‘Nice beard, buddy’ or ‘You look fancy!’ I know he’s spent an hour doing that specific thing to his hair, and the minute I point it out, his game is shattered.”

Damn, girl! Way to give Regina George a straight-up marathon for her money. You know what else of this hypothetical guy's is probably shattered? His heart, into tiny little pieces. Now, he's probably just thinking of all of the things that he could've done with that hour that he spent pomading his hair to death, since he had no shot out of the gate.

Megan elaborates:

“I like to have men off their guard. Then you are in charge. You don’t ever have to feel like men have power over you.”

Great, wonderful. I think that every person should feel totally comfortable to refuse unwanted advances. And I definitely agree that women shouldn't feel subjected to powerlessness for any reason. Plus, she's currently married to the father of her baby and nanny-child, Brian Austin Green, so the whole “in a longterm relationship” deal is even more of a reason be standoffish when someone is hitting on you.

However, I also think that most flirting, unless done by a creepy creepster, is all in good fun. But I can't say any more about that, because I'm pretty sure that Megan has a Flirt Radar and will hunt me down and give me a swirly for being a flirting apologist.

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