Meet The Cast Of MTV’s ‘Inbetweeners’

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What’s Inbetweeners? It’s a new MTV show that’s been described as Superbad meets Freaks and Geeks. Inbetweeners is based on a series from the UK that tells the story of a group of kids who aren’t quite cool but also aren’t quite losers (aka most people). MTV just announced the show’s cast yesterday, so let’s meet the four boys who will star in what already sounds like the best show ever.

Meet The Cast Of MTV s  Inbetweeners  joey pollari jjj interview jpg Joey Pollari: Joey has starred  in two Disney original movies, Avalon High and Skyrunners. Born in Minneapolis, he’s been acting since childhood on the stage and little screen.

Meet The Cast Of MTV s  Inbetweeners  bubbalewis jpgBubba Lewis: Bubba’s been performing since the age of 4, when he sang at an event in his home state of Georgia. He’s appeared in shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Medium and in movies including To Save a Life.

Meet The Cast Of MTV s  Inbetweeners  MarkLYoung13 jpg Mark L. Young: You might recognize Mark from his recurring role on Big Love, where he plays Bill’s much younger brother. Mark was born Markell V. Efimoff, which is an amazing name.

Meet The Cast Of MTV s  Inbetweeners  zack pearlman verge 225 jpg

Zack Pearlman: Zack starred in The Virginity Hit from this year, which chronicles the experience of four boys who set out to lose their virginities. He hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan and got his start with a Funny or Die video.