Meet The 25 Hottest Up-And-Coming Stars Of Fall TV

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Though you may just be settling into your summer television groove, it's never too early to take stock of what's on tap for fall TV. Though there are still some pilots that have not yet been picked up and actors anxiously awaiting their fates, the networks for the most part have their schedules set. And with the schedule falling into place, it's time to look at the stars we'll be talking about come fall.

Do you remember when you only knew Kat Dennings as the girl in that weird movie with Michael Cera? Or the days before Zooey Deschanel took her quirky girl character to a whole new level in New Girl? What about before you had ever laid eyes on the sexy face of Joshua Bowman on Revenge? These are the kind of people we're talking about, the hottest stars of the upcoming television season. They're the actors and actresses that, a year or maybe two from now, you won't be able to remember your life without.

Some you've surely heard of, some you'll recognize but wouldn't know their names, and some are for the most part unknown. There are girls and guys, drama actors, comedians, and models, actors that will make their small screen debut, actors that will have a lead role for the first time, and actors that are completely fresh faces. But the one thing they all have in common is that within the next year, you will know who they are. So why not get a head start? From a mini Carrie Bradshaw to the sexiest fireman you've ever seen, here are the 25 hottest up and coming stars of fall TV.

(Photo: Eric Liebowitz/Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)