Meet Rachel Crow: The 14-Year-Old X Factor Reject Who Just Got Her Own Show

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When one door closes, an entire house full of french doors open. At least that's the lesson that 14-year-old Rachel Crow just learned when Nickelodeon signed her to an overall talent deal, complete with a comedy series and a record deal. Not too shabby for the girl who came in 5th place on the first season of X Factor.

She charmed audiences on the X Factor with her youth as well as her spunk. While I usually try to refrain from using words like spunk, it seems extremely applicable when it comes to Rachel Crow. Just look at her audition, it has “I deserve my own TV show” written all over it.

When Crow was voted off the show last December, the audience revolted and actually threatened the deciding juge, Nicole Scherzinger, with death. Nothing quite says everyone wants you to be famous like death threats against anyone who opposes you. That's Justin Bieber territory right there.

As far as her brand new TV show goes, OceanUp Says:

She is slated to appear in a recurring role in Nickelodeon’s new comedy series FRED: THE SHOW appearing opposite Lucas Cruikshank. Crow will play Starr, an imaginative, confident but awkward teenager. Like Fred, Starr’s self-perception doesn’t match up with how the world sees her. To her classmates, she seems a bit eccentric, but in her own mind, Starr is a wildly talented actress/singer and ready to break out of her boring town.

(If the name Lucas Cruikshank sounds familiar, it's because you've probably seen him as one of our nominees for Crushable 25's Internet celebrity. Vote today!)

If Rachel's audition didn't convince you that she's our next big tween star, just look at her other X Factor performances on the next page. She's going to be a star.

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