We Rounded Up The Fetchest Mean Girls Links On The Internet Today, So You’re Welcome

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pink mean girlsFor those of you who thought April 25th was the perfect date earlier this week, you were wrong. So wrong. Like Aaron Samuels doing AP Calculus kind of wrong. So stop trying to make April 25th happen, it's not going to happen. Because today is the 10-year anniversary of Mean Girls and the nostalgia and glorious tributes to the most quoted movie of our generation is dominating the internet. Today, Mean Girls limits just do not exist! In honor of the anniversary, we've rounded up the groolest Mean Girls links online, which we're forcing on you because we push people.

What Your Favorite Mean Girls quote says about you (It's us)

Ways Mean Girls Would Be Different Today (Cosmopolitan)

Quiz: Which Member Of The Plastics Is Your Perfect Match? (Teen)

An Ode To Karen, Who's Always Down To Go To Taco Bell (TheGloss)

More Secrets From The Mean Girls' Cast (Entertainment Weekly)

If Mean Girls Had Used These Terrible Alternate Endings, They Would Not Be Allowed To Sit With Us (It's us…again)

What Mean Girls Characters Are Doing Now (Teen Vogue)

Things You Didn't Know About Glen Coco (Bustle)

Fashion Lessons We Learned From Mean Girls (Glamour)

Regina Was Wrong, “Fetch” Did Happen & Is Still Happening (NY Times)

Reviews of Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls that will make you sad (TheGloss)

Books That, Like Mean Girls, Are So Fetch (Bustle)

Mean Girls Star Daniel Franzese Writes A Coming Out Tribute To Damian That Will Warm Your Heart (Us, I know, again)

Mean Girls: Where Are They Now? (msn)

Why The Limit To Mean Girls Does Not Exist (The Atlantic)

The Most Memorable Mean Girls Moments (Gurl)

People Who Weren’t Going To Be In Mean Girls (..And the last one more from us)

Mean Girls Cast Powering Rankings: Then & Now (The Wire)

See The Mean Girls cast with their younger selves (People)

Reasons We're All Gretchen Wieners (HuffPost Entertainment)

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