Tina Fey Comments On The Rumored Mean Girls Reunion And What She Says Isn’t So Fetch

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Tina Fey Comments On The Rumored Mean Girls Reunion And What She Says Isn t So Fetch Mean Girls I Dont Even gif(via)

Let’s all let out a collective sigh for the Mean Girls reunion that never will be. Although Lindsay Lohan and the ever-churning rumor mill would have us believe otherwise,Tina Fey, the movie’s writer, has just set the record straight. Ladies, gents, freshmen, sexually active band geeks, and plastics, there isn’t going to be a Mean Girls reunion movie. Or, at least, not any time soon. I know, I know it hurts emotionally, but pain is a part of life.

Lindsay filled us with glee when she told Jimmy Fallon that Tina and Lorne Michaels were discussing creating a super grool reunion. But in actual real life, Tina says that she doesn’t know anything about a second movie. And she sorta seems like someone who really would know about a reunion if said reunion were in the works, what with her being responsible for all of its words and such.

“I saw Lindsay at the first episode of The Tonight Show, and I was just saying to her backstage, ‘oh I think someone’s going to call us because people have been calling, people have been trying to organize some kind of televised reunion because it’s the 10th anniversary of the movie.’ But it’s not like another movie. I wish I had written a movie. No, it’s just… Mostly we’re trying to get a party going. Just a party. At best a party.”

Did you hear that? At best a party. At worst, maybe a piñata full of Kalteen bars when you’re just trying to drop three pounds. Honestly, way to dash all of our dreams, Tina! I’m trying to stock up on my movie references for the next ten years, not live vicariously through party photos. Okay okay, I’m totally down to do that second thing too, but another movie (that’s guaranteed not to be garbage) would be fantastic. You know, I think the best way to remedy this is if we all get an invitation to this party. And yes, I do mean all zillion of us, thank you.