9 Things We Learned About Mean Girls From The New EW Reunion

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9 Things We Learned About Mean Girls From The New EW Reunion Entertainment Weekly Mean Girls reunion November 2014 jpg

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Mean Girls, and to celebrate, Entertainment Weekly included the movie in their new reunion issue. And they didn’t just get some random producer and the guy who played Coach Carr (no offense to them). They got Tina Fey and Lindsay Lohan and the Plastics themselves — Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried. Unfortunately no Lizzy Caplan or Daniel Franzese or Amy Poehler. But they had a little mini reunion of their own a few months ago, so it’s all good.

EW conducted a fun interview with the ladies in which they reminisced about the making of the movie, and they revealed more than one interesting piece of trivia. So we decided to round up the best quotes for your perusal. Sure, if you’re a superfan you might already know a couple of these. But if you’re more of a casual appreciator (haha, as if that exists with this movie), you’ll probably learn something new. I know I did.

1. Lindsay Lohan really wanted to play Regina.

Like, really really wanted it:

“I had just played—in Confessions and Freaky—not the cool girl in school. I was still 17 years old and I wanted to be the cool girl on set. So I had a war with him, and he goes, ‘No, Cady is the heroine, and that’s who you are.’ Then I sat in all the auditions. Amanda auditioned to play Regina as well. It ended up being Rachel, and she’s wonderful.”

Gulp. 17-year-old Lindsay scares me a little.

2. They all stayed in the same hotel in Toronto during filming.

The way Tina describes it, it sounds almost like a college dorm:

“The fire alarm would go off pretty much every night at some point—it was just a flaw of the hotel.”

Now I’m imagining them all standing outside in their pajamas waiting for the alarm to stop. Give me pictures!

3. Lacey Chabert and Amanda Seyfried were on-set BFFs.

Amanda had just graduated high school, and Lacey turned 21 during filming, so she took Amanda under her wing. Amanda says they would “hang out in her trailer and listen to Dido,” and Lacey taught her how to make pecan pie. She apparently made the experience “so magical and so safe.” Awww.

4. Lindsay gossiped about Hilary Duff on set.

… to Tina and Amy specifically:

“And there was one day where she tried to explain to Amy and me her beef with Hilary Duff, but we couldn’t crack it. But we were pretending we could follow it.”

I just imagined Tina and Amy nodding and smiling while Lindsay complains about Hilary Duff, and my heart started to sing.

5. They had a hilarious method to get Amy Poehler’s dog to bite her nipples.

Remember this the next time you watch the movie. Here’s what Rachel said:

“They, like, pinned a piece of a cocktail wiener into her bra. I thought this dog was going to tear her apart. It was very effective. She was such a pro through it. She’s trying to do her lines and being so professional, and this dog is chomping on her fake boob. I’ll never forget that.”

I hope Amy has that somewhere on her resume.

6. Tina regrets not doing a sequel.

Here’s what she had to say about it:

“At the time we did want to start the conversation about the sequel, and for whatever reason I was like, ‘No!!! We shouldn’t do that!’ Now I look back and I’m like, ‘Why?’ But now, no—it’s too late now.”

Well, technically there was a sequel, but we don’t talk about it.

7. Glenn Cocco is a real guy.

Tina says it’s “easier” to use real people’s names in her writing:

“My older brother’s good friend is Glenn Cocco. He’s a film editor in Los Angeles, and I imagine it’s a pain in the butt for him.”

Wow, can you imagine introducing yourself to new people with that name? Sorry about that, dude.

8. Lacey’s nephew was born on October 3rd.

But her brother didn’t even realize the significance of Mean Girls Day:

“He goes, ‘What is that? Can you explain that to me?'”

9. Lindsay thinks Cady would be pals with Oprah too.

When asked where her character would be now, this was Lindsay’s response:

“Cady’s with Oprah in Africa working at children’s schools with a family, teaching girls to be nice to each other.”

Oprah Oprah Oprah. Enough with the Oprah already.

(Image: Ruven Afanador, EW)