Mean Girls Gets Reimagined As A Classic Video Game You’ll Want To Play Immediately

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Mean Girls video game 8-Bit Cinema June 2014

Get ready to get slapped in the face with more feels than you were probably expecting today. It's all thanks to CineFix, who just released the newest installment in their “8-Bit Cinema” series, which reimagines popular movies as classic video games. This time around it's the movie that defined a generation and caused everyone to mention the name Glen Coco at least once a week: Mean Girls. Anything Mean Girls obviously gives millennials serious nostalgia boners, but when you add in the Nintendo element, it's enough to melt us all into big puddles of reminiscence.

And this isn't just some half-assed parody; it looks really accurate to the types of games you and I used to play as tie-ins to popular movies. I spent many hours in the backseat of the car tapping away at the buttons on my Game Boy. It was blue, and I plugged a little worm light into it that helped me see the screen at night. I had a Toy Story game and even a How the Grinch Stole Christmas game. Help, I'm drowning in '90s kid memories over here.

But back to this Mean Girls version. Everything from the pixelation to the way the dialogue pops up to how you collect helpful objects to use along the way (foot and face lotion must be mixed together, obviously) is so accurate. But what really got me was the music. It's got that robotic video game quality that makes me feel like I'm back in a blanket fort eating pizza bagels. But parts of it are also unmistakably the songs on the movie's soundtrack. “One Way Or Another,” anyone? Seriously, I'm gonna need this to be made into a complete playable game. How long would I play it, you ask? The limit does not exist. Sorry, I had to.