Mean Girls Has Been Recreated By Cats, And I Think We Can All Agree It’s About Time

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Mean Girls Has Been Recreated By Cats  And I Think We Can All Agree It s About Time Mean Girls cats parody Pet Collective 2014 jpg

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been lying awake at night ever since you discovered The Pet Collective and their adorable animal movie remakes, wondering when they would remake Mean Girls with cats. You’d toss and turn, thinking of all the puns they could make using feline terminology. How could they ignore this opportunity? Well fear not, my friends, for The Pet Collective has answered our prayers as efficiently as God answered Katy Perry’s prayers for boobs. The Mean Girls remake “Mean Cats” is here, and I’m legally obligated to say that it’s purrr-fect.

This video takes a different approach from previous recreations like Elf and The Lion King by sticking the cat actors’ heads through holes to make them look like the characters. But it doesn’t really matter how they go about telling the story, because ohmygod look at the wittle kitty cats! As a cat person through and through, it is physically impossible for me to see something like this and not “aww” the entire time.

The Internet is teeming with Mean Girls parodies and references, so this video had a lot of expectations to live up to, and it certainly delivered. If there was a way to mash up the movie’s lines with cat things (#justcatthings), they found it. I don’t want to ruin all the fetch jokes for you, but suffice to say there is a fun play on Cady’s name (obviously), as well as a catty twist on the “Why are you white?” line, and Glen Coco has been very cleverly renamed to be more cat-appropriate. Basically it’s a lot of puns and adorable cat faces. What more could you ask for? Nothing. You could ask for nothing more.