What Your Favorite Mean Girls Quote Says About You

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Mean Girls shut up


Tomorrow marks the tenth anniversary of the release of Mean Girls. If you can believe it, there was a time when that movie didn't exist, and therefore a time when we couldn't quote it constantly. If you're a millennial, odds are you make at least one Mean Girls reference per day. We're like sharks; if we stop quoting it we'll die. The best part about quoting it is that everyone around you knows exactly what you're talking about. It unites us as a generation.

In honor of this very important anniversary, I have a challenge for you. Think about what your favorite quote from the movie is, and then prepare to have your mind blown as I tell you exactly what you're like without even knowing you, based only on that quote. Seriously, it's like I have ESPN or something. Actually it's mostly my own shallow judgments about people I don't know based on lines from a hilarious movie. Before we get started I want you to remember that A.) your favorite might not be here, because pretty much every word in Mean Girls is iconic, and I simply don't have time to go through every line, and B.) this is just for fun, and if you're taking it seriously, I can't help you. Let's get started.

1. “You go, Glen Coco!”

Mean Girls Glen Coco


You've never even seen the movie. Seriously, have you never even caught it on television? It's on like every weekend. You've just heard fifteen of your friends say this and wanted everyone to think you're in on the joke. But I bet you can't even tell me how many candy canes Gretchen Wieners got. What a disappointment.

2. “Stop trying to make fetch happen.”

Mean Girls fetch


You're super mainstream. When you go to the movies, you ask the cashier for a ticket to whatever romantic comedy is playing at the time. You listen to Lady Gaga. You're really excited to see The Fault in Our Stars.

3. “The limit does not exist.”

Mean Girls limit does not exist


You majored in something mathematical and/or technical in school, and you're really proud of yourself for understanding what the hell Cady is talking about in this scene. You are/want to be some kind of engineer. You scoff at people who don't know what a parabola is.

4. “She doesn't even go here!”

Mean Girls doesnt even go here


You're really funny. Like super funny. Everyone laughs at your jokes. You're also gorgeous and intelligent and stylish, and everyone wants to be you. Oh, did I mention this is my favorite quote? Doesn't really make a difference or anything.

5. “That's why her hair is so big. It's full of secrets.”

Mean Girls full of secrets


You're really Internet-savvy. You know all the memes and you're a really big deal on Reddit. One time you got over 50,000 notes on one of your Tumblr posts and you were still disappointed in yourself. You think Grumpy Cat is so over.

6. “Oh my God Karen, you can't just ask people why they're white!”

Mean Girls why theyre white


You're edgy. You like edgy humor that some people would say “goes to far.” You own every season of Family Guy on DVD. You find nothing wrong with asking people why they're white, which is why this is so funny to you.

7. “Damn Africa, what happened?”

Mean Girls damn Africa


You're the class clown. Everything that comes out of your mouth is a reference, and not just to Mean Girls. You once got detention for reciting a scene from Caddyshack during a math test. People either love your they hate you.

8. “I'm not like a regular mom, I'm a cool mom.”

Mean Girls cool mom


You're a mom. And a regular one. But you think you're a cool one, and you try to show that by quoting Mean Girls with your kids and their friends. It's so sad.

9. “You can't sit with us!”

Mean Girls Gretchen you cant sit with us


You're super chill and down-to-earth and probably fun to do karaoke with. You're cool without trying too hard to be cool. Everyone wants to be you, but not in a jealous way. Tell me what it's like to be so awesome.

10. “Grool.”

Mean Girls grool


You're really alternative, and you enjoy Mean Girls ironically. Choosing a monosyllabic nonsense word as your favorite quote is your way of sticking it to the man. You're thinking about writing a 30-page paper on that decision for your biology class. Nobody understands what that has to do with biology, but that's the point, man.

11. “Get in, loser. We're going shopping.”

Mean Girls get in loser


You're a cynic. When someone mentions happiness or sunshine or butterflies to you, you roll your eyes. You once delivered a 30-minute speech over lunch with friends about why you don't believe in marriage. Once someone tried to show you a cat video and you never spoke to them again.

12. “I'm sorry that people are so jealous of me. But I can't help it that I'm popular.”

Mean Girls popular


You pretend to use this line as a joke but you actually really believe that everyone is jealous of you. In fact you say that in response to everything anyone says about you. Also to anything anyone says about your favorite celebrity. Like Taylor Swift. Wait, are you Taylor Swift?

13. “Boo, you whore.”

Mean Girls boo you whore


You thrive on sarcasm, not only amongst your friends but also among casual acquaintances and strangers at the supermarket who think you're really being mean to them when you say it's absolutely unacceptable that they blocked your way with their cart. You may or may not have lost a few jobs because no one could figure out if you were kidding or not. You've lost the ability to be sincere. You have no idea who you really are.

14. “That's just, like, the rules of feminism.”

Mean Girls rules of feminism


You're a feminist. That's, like, totally your thing. And you quote this line ironically whenever you're trying to make a point. You also may or may not have secretly drafted “the rules of feminism” in a notebook somewhere. I won't tell.

15. “Those bitches.”

Mean Girls those bitches


You've never even heard of Mean Girls or any of its lines. You just have a lot of bitches in your life and you like to call them out on it. Sorry about that, hope things get better.