I Need McKayla Maroney’s Secret To Looking So Beautiful After Surgery

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I Need McKayla Maroney s Secret To Looking So Beautiful After Surgery McKayla Maroney Surgery Photo jpg

While we thought Ryan Lochte would be the breakout star from the 2012 Olympics, we now know that McKayla Maroney won that title. Not only did she inspire one of the best memes of the year, but she redefined what it means to be impressed.

And while I know this will be the line used over and over again in all coverage her for the rest of her life, it has to be said.

I’m impressed with how good she looks after waking up from surgery. Whereas the rest of America wakes up from surgery looking like they narrowly escaped a meth lab explosion, McKayla Maroney wakes up looking perfect.

While we’re not sure why the Olympian had surgery, we can probably rule out plastic surgery. At least for another 10 years. It’s likely related to an injury she got earlier this week while on her Kelloggs Tour of Gymnastic Champions.

We’re not the only people who think she looks like a supermodel in this photo. Her teammate Aly Raisman tweeted out a simliar message after seeing McKayla’s instagram upload.

I Need McKayla Maroney s Secret To Looking So Beautiful After Surgery Aly Raisman McKayla Maroney Tweet jpg

So I suppose if gymnastics doesn’t work out for McKayla, she can start up a career teaching surgeons how to beautify their patients before wheeling them into the recovery room. Trust me, my family would have appreciated if I’d looked a little more polished post my recent surgery — and I doubt they’re the only people who feel that way.