Maybe Adam Lind’s Arrest Will Finally Convince Teen Mom 2’s Chelsea Houska To Keep Her Distance

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Teen Mom 2's
Adam Lind, Aubree's father (who infamously called her a mistake on national television) and the on-again off-again(times infinity) boyfriend of Chelsea Houska has been arrested for driving under the influence. An enormously bad decision on his part, that hopefully will lead Chelsea to make a good one.

Like a lot of the girls on Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant Chelsea has gone back to Adam again and again, ignoring his immaturity and sometimes outright nastiness because of her desire to be a family for her daughter. It's been painful to watch as Chelsea grows and matures in other ways like getting her GED, then see her get dragged into the same childish arguments with Adam as he refuses take responsibility for his child and his relationship with Chelsea.

While we can hope this incident will wake Chelsea up, it might be hoping for too much since Chelsea was the one who bailed Adam out of jail. Chelsea got to see her ex behind bars then offered up $450 to set him free. It might have been a nice gesture to help get her daughter's father out of a jam, but it doesn't illustrate the distance Chelsea should put between herself and Adam if she wants to get on with her life.