Maya Rudolph And Chris Parnell Sing A Parenting Lullaby That Will Warm Your Heart Whether You Have Kids Or Not

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Maya Rudolph and Chris Parnell sing lullaby May 2014

The other night Maya Rudolph returned to our lives with her very own variety show. She welcomed a few of her celebri-friends and former SNL co-stars to join her, including Chris Parnell. One of the best segments of the night involved Chris and Maya singing a lullaby about being a parent that Chris wrote just for his newborn son. It's funny and sweet and catchy and heartwarming, and even if you're not a parent, it will cause some serious chest-clutching and heavy “aww”ing.

I can attest to this fact because I am not a parent. I am also not the biggest fan of babies. The idea of this song is that Maya and Chris list all the gross, noisy, annoying, exhausting parts of being a parent through silly lyrics, but then they admit that at the end of the day they still love the little pooping monster they created. And even though I've put having a baby on my not-to-do list for precisely all the negative things they mention here, I still did some serious dreamy smiling during this song. Also that thing where you stick your lower lip out and furrow your brow. You know,  the “aww, that's adorable” face. You've probably made it at a kitten video once or twice.

So sit back, relax, put on your best listening ears, and enjoy a cute little ditty about loving babies despite all their flaws. Then if you have children, learn this song and sing this to them. If you don't have children, just be grateful that your parents put up with all that crap from you. And I'm talking literal crap here. Babies crap a lot. I just typed “crap” three more times than I thought I would before noon, but sometimes you just can't predict these things. Just like you can't predict how much you'll love your crapping baby. See? Full circle.