Celebrate Maya Rudolph’s Birthday With These 20 Hysterical Videos And GIFS!

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Happy Birthday Maya Rudolph! This ridiculous funny gal is celebrating her 40th birthday today! You may know her from her famous role in the Oscar-nominated movie Bridesmaids or maybe you can date back to her Saturday Night Live days.  Though it doesn't matter when you started worshiping  this comedic goddess because we all end up going crazy over her.

Maya has continuously proven that women are capable of competing with the boys in the comedic department! (take that Adam Carolla) Her ability to play about every ethnicity, all the while still being hysterical is just another reason why we love her! Not to mention, her singing.  Even though she usually does it for laughs (The National Anthem skit),  you can actually tell that she has a really nice voice!

Anyway, happy birthday Maya, we love you! And Now start celebrating with these hysterical videos and gifs!