Maya Rudolph And Danny McBride Pose For Awkward Photos With Their Fake Family

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Danny McBride Maya Rudolph GQ 2013

In the June 2013 comedy issue of GQ (you know, the one that inexplicably features James Franco on its cover?), Maya Rudolph and Danny McBride have a photo shoot together that I would like to frame and put in a haphazard cluster on my living room wall. Because that's what they're made for, being awkward family photos and all. And really, is there such a thing as a non-awkward family photo? Particularly when there's a backdrop involved. Especially when it tries to make it look like you're standing in a forest. Because I always lean on a fabric-covered podium in the middle of the woods while wearing my best outfit, don't you?

These photos are hilarious to me in general, but Maya Rudolph's face really steals the show. She just looks so proud with her fake family, and it just reminds me how funny she is and how much she (or any mildly funny person) really belongs on the cover of this issue. Yeah, Danny McBride's there too, and he's fine. I once waited in a very long line to get his autograph when he came to my college, mostly because there was nothing else to do, but I forfeited my spot as soon as I got a free T-shirt. That anecdote really has nothing to do with these photos, but I like to share my experiences seeing celebrities sitting fifty feet away from me.

Danny McBride Maya Rudolph GQ 2013

But back to these photos. Here's one where Danny has clearly wet his pants, but neither of them is fazed by it because they look so preppy in their matching outfits. Bonus points for Maya's dated hairdo.

Danny McBride Maya Rudolph GQ 2013

And I just can't get enough of this one. I have no clue why that child is wearing a scary clown-pig mask, but it's perfect. And once again Maya's face really adds something. It says, “I'm so proud of my colorful clown-pig child.” Luckily I can't say I've ever had a family photo that awkward, although it would probably be worse if they all had those creepy masks on. Matching things are the worst (see photo of Maya and Danny above).

These aren't even all of the photos. Go check out the rest at GQ. You won't regret it. At least not as much as you'll regret getting those neon green rubber bands in your braces before that school photo in 7th grade.

(Photos: Danielle Levitt/GQ)