Maybe The Wanted Should Leave ‘Outing Louis Tomlinson’ Out Of Their One Direction Feud

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Max George The Wanted The Grove Los Angeles 2013

While playing one of Andy Cohen's games on Watch What Happens Live last night, Max George from The Wanted said Louis Tomlinson would hypothetically be the first member of One Direction to come out of the closet. And he said it without any hesitation. Which most certainly earned him the title of most hated man among 12-year-old girls today. I would not want to be alone in a Limited Too dressing room at the mall tonight if I was him. (Even though I'm constantly told that Limited Too is a dated reference and kids don't shop there anymore and that I should say something more 2013 like Chicos. That's where kids apparently shop these days.)

For as long as we can remember, One Direction's been at war with The Wanted. The two British boy bands seem to be under the impression that only one British boy band can exist. Which is silly because *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys totally co-existed. Sure Nick Carter versus Justin Timberlake lunchtime fights ruined many 7th grade friendships in 2000, but what's a middle school friendship that would've turned into a Facebook-stalkingship worth anyways? Nothing, the answer is nothing.

As much as I love the drama that goes down between these two boy bands, I think they should probably, maybe draw the line at outing each other. Especially since that seems to be one of Max George's favorite moves. While there are always allegations floating around within the 1D fan commuinty that Louis Tomlinson's gay annndd that he's secretly dating Harry Styles (Larry Stylinson anyone?), I don't think it's fair game for Max George to say anything. If Louis Tomlinson is gay, he should come out on his own terms. And if he's not gay and Max George knows this, he's using it as an insult which is 100% not okay.  Can't they just stick to normal boy band things, like sing-offs and bed-head-hair-offs and who's-fans-will-scream-louder-offs?

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