Matthew Perry Actually Doesn’t Blame His Fame For Past Addictions, What A Weirdo

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Matthew Perry NBC Upfronts May 2012

Oh, Mrs. Chanandler Bong! I always knew Matthew Perry was my favorite Friend.  Not just because I could always identify with his character's awkwardness and Charlie Brown luck, but because I always suspected he was generally just a good person.  And I was right.

Celebrity addicts certainly aren't a rare find, but celebrity addicts who help themselves and show a positive attitude and don't play the blame game are a VERY rare find. In April, we learned that Cory Monteith successfully completed rehab by getting the help he needed and keeping it under the radar.  A few days ago, we learned about Philip Seymour Hoffman‘s struggles with addiction and his recent unfortunate lapse but positive decision to help himself right away (even if we're not sure 10 days of detox is long enough to get a grasp on addiction).  Now Matthew Perry recently opened up about his own struggles with sobriety in the past. And get this: he didn't blame his fame at all.  He actually credited part of his sobriety to being famous.  What the what?!

“The coverage actually ultimately helped me because I couldn’t just walk into a bar and ask for a drink. Everybody in the bar would go ‘You can’t do that! I just read that you can’t do that! I can’t give you a drink, you can’t drink’.”

Now there's a horse of a different color!  Hey, whatever helps you help yourself.  And if that something happens to be drunk fans in a bar who really care about you (or at least about their favorite 90's sitcom) and tell you you can't drink, then that's great too.

I have to say, Matthew Perry is refreshingly honest and surprisingly upbeat about things most people probably wouldn't be. Honestly, it makes me feel a lot like this:

Chandler Bing


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