Could We Be More Stuck In The ’90s: Chandler And Monica Reunite On TV

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Courteny Cox Matthew Perry Reunion

Great news for anyone who's trapped in the '90s, Chandler Bing and Monica Chef are reuniting on television. But NOT as Chandler and Monica.


I know, I know, this is hard for all us out there who still watch Friends re-runs on the reg. But Chandler Bing and Monica Geller are not real people. Nor are they our friends. They're actually just actors who play people who play our friends. Their names are Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox. People pay them to play parts for us. It's very neat for them.

For example, Courteney Cox plays a lady cougar in Cougar Town. It's a charming little show about a town run completely by cougars. At first you're like “ooo, that sounds dangerous.” But then you quickly realize that cougars are just like us. Except they eat human sometimes. It's really quite the heartwarming show and I enthusiastically recommend that all animal enthusiasts tune in. At the very least, you'll certainly think twice before ordering a cougar burger in a restaurant again.

Matthew Perry on the other hand plays a  radio talk show host on the NBC comedy Go On. I've never watched it, but that's only because every single show Matthew Perry tries to star in gets canceled. Why get attached to something that I know won't be around for long?

To give a Go On a little kick in the ratings (before NBC replaces it with an all-animal version of Wipeout), they invited Courteney Cox to guest star on the show. At first she declined because she had an appointment with her witch doctor on the morning of the shoot. But then her witch doctor assured her she can skip an appointment and continue on with her Benjamin-Button-Facial-Treatments as normal.

So she came to set, snapped a few photos and got all the Friends fans all riled up. Will I watch the episode? No, oh no no no. But I will definitely look for GIFs the next day on Tumblr.

(Photo: @CourteneyCox)