Matthew Morrison Shaves His Head In An Attempt To Capitalize On The Charlize Theron Head Shaving Trend

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The Internet set on fire this week out of excitement that Charlize Theron shaved her gorgeous locks. How daring! How bold! How bald!

Matthew Morrison felt so inspired by her shear courage (see what I did there? anyone?) that he too grabbed a pair of scissors and chopped off his beautiful blond curls. From Mr.Schue to Mr. So Sexy in minutes. Maybe even seconds. He didn't have that much hair.

Then he shared the results with us on his Who Say page with the caption, “decided to make a change for summer!! Had a great day shooting my album cover with @brianbowensmith.”

As someone who swore off Glee months ago, I've avoided Matthew Morrison like he's my ex-boyfriend who I dumped at a Glee Live concert because I thought I might have a chance with Puck. But enough time's passed that I can click on links that mention his name without worrying about getting back into my Glee addiction. And thank god, because all saracasm/snark/misspellings aside, he looks great with a shaved head.

Like a new man. A man who gets to spend the summer away from Lea Michele and Lea Michele's boobs. The three of them must be absolutely exhasuting to work with day in and day out.

He's still no Charlize Theron, but no one will ever be her. I admire his attempt to capitalize on her success. If you're going to copy someone's style, it might as well be Charlize.