Let’s Take Time Today To Really Analyze Matthew McConaughey’s Extreme Weight Loss

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Photos just surfaced of the usually robust Matthew McConaughey looking  absolutely emaciated on the New York City set of his latest film, The Wolf of Wall Street. The star barely managed to fill out his casual outfit and it looked like miles of unused shirt billowed behind him in the wind as he walked.

It's to believe that the man who gyrated his crotch in our faces this summer in Magic Mike now looks like a hollow version of his former self, that's he's transformed into a  soft whisper in a crowded room. Anyone who just met him would find it difficult to picture him energetically banging on bongos in the California sun. Not when he looks like he's lost his will to live, his drive to eat, his passion for sculpted bodies.

Luckily for women every where who will see this photo, mourn his rockhard abs and tape it to the fridge with the word “inspiration!” written on top of it, he's just doing an extreme juice cleanse for The Dallas Buyer's Club. It's a film he's starring in about a man suffering from HIV. It's the true story of Ron Woodruff, a Dallas man who contracts HIV from drug use back in the '80s.

Sighs of relief all around, right? Just when we thought we had a male eating disorder on our hands, it's turns out to a simple case of the Anne Hathaways. (That's the scientific term for the phenomenon that occurs when a celebrity loses extreme amounts of weight loss for a role and the media responds with faux-concern articles about a drastic diet.)

He tells The Daily Mail, “It’s a bit of a spiritual cleanse, mental cleanse. [I’m] drinking a lot of tea. It takes a while for your body to understand that it has to feed off of itself and that you’re not going to give it something else from the outside.”

Isn't it amazing how he went from a devastating story to an inspiring story so quickly. How I woke up this morning wanting to protest against forcing actors to lose weight for roles — and now I want to stop eating and make my body feed off of itself.

Actors! You just never know.

(Photo: Pacific Coast News)