Matthew McConaughey Cried While Getting ‘Manscaped’ For Magic Mike

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When getting ready to play a male stripper in upcoming happiness fest Magic Mike, Matthew McConaughey learned firsthand what most women already know: getting waxed hurts like a bitch.

“Everybody got ‘manscaped' to some extent… If you don't have to do it, don't ever do this,” he told Jay Leno on The Tonight Show. (Except for Channing Tatum, of course, whose chest I've always assumed is naturally smooth and stripper-y.)

“It was like 7.30 in the morning,” he continued. “I go down there, we're in Hollywood, and I go to this little place in the strip mall. And the place is called Smile. [irony!] There's this Russian woman in there, and she's just as formal as you could be. ‘In the back, clothes off, lay down, turn over.'”

You were expecting to be taken to dinner first?

“She's pouring this glue and stuff all over you and you're sitting there and you're giggling and all the sudden she lays something on you and just (rips) and it hurts. It does hurt!”

Don't you just love the mental image of Matthew McConaughey giggling like a little girl while he gets this done to him?

“And the thing is after every time she waxed off whatever hair she's pulling, she says, ‘So sorry, so sorry, so sorry.' So you just giggle through the tears and hope you only got to do it once.”

Forgive me for taking joy in another human being's pain, but maybe if more men knew what it's like to have your God-given hair painfully ripped from your body, they wouldn't expect women to be unnaturally smooth everywhere below the neck. Personally, the only thing I've ever had waxed is my eyebrows, and that shit hurt so crazy much that I switched to threading. I know a lot of women like the way it feels to be hairless, so no hate on them. But I think people in general might be a tiny bit happier if we kept Matt's statement in mind: “If you don't have to do it, don't ever do this.” The nice part about it, of course, being that nobody who is not currently working as a stripper or playing one in a movie actually “has to.”

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