Matthew McConaughey Put On A Shirt To Marry Camila Alves This Weekend

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While you spent your weekend doing whatever it is that normal looking people do, professional beautiful people Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves spent their weekend getting married on their sprawling Austin, Texas estate. According to my best friends at People, the couple turned the affair into a three-day wedding-palooza complete with hammocks, lawn games and luxury tents for visitors to stay in.

Think Bonnaroo. But with showered people. And celebrities. And classier drugs.

While their wedding's not a huge surprise, (they do have two whole children together), the fact that Matt put on a 3-piece Dolce & Gabana tuxedo did make me do a double-take. The man who made being topless a thing wore a 3-piece tuxedo on his wedding day. Well I never!

What's next? Wearing a top hat to auditions and a monocle to go grocery shopping?

This 3-piece tuxedo move really means anything can really happen now for the star of the highly anticipated sci-fi stripper thriller Magic Mike. He's clearly growing and maturing and learning the value of occasionally wearing clothes. But I guess that's all part of being someone's husband. Learning when it's appropriate to wear clothes and when it's not.

Naked or not naked we're super excited that this couple finally tied the knot after being together for 6 years. May they continue to bring many more good-looking people into this world.