Matthew McConaughey Has Third Child, My Photo Album Of Celebrity Children Grows

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Good news: Matthew McConaughey now has a third child who will probably be totally embarrassed by him before puberty strikes.  He and wife Camila Alves welcomed their latest bundle of joy yesterday, and though the couple hasn't announced the sex of the baby yet, TMZ must have been inside Camila's vagina because they're reporting it's a girl.

I won't mind if their People magazine deal takes some time to negotiate, because I need to add more pages to my photo album of cute celebrity children.  Sometimes it takes me awhile to find scrapbook materials apropos to each child's personality and demeanor, you know?  Ugh.  Is the newest McConaughey going to be a little “fashionista” (that word alone makes my stomach churn, sorry I'm not sorry) like her mother, or a hippie wannabe like ol' Dad?  Decisions, decisions.  I'll have to reference Levi and Vida McConaughey's album pages for ideas.

In the meantime, I hope Matthew was able to support his wife and new baby through what I can only assume was an at-home sage-filled water-birth.  He's been looking just a tad malnourished while preparing for his latest film role, and that does not need to be the first message his new daughter receives from her pot-lovin' dad.  Ya dig?

(Photo: WENN)