Matthew Fox Will Not Be Denied Passage Aboard Your Party Bus

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Lost star Matthew Fox was briefly detained by the police Saturday night by local police in Cleveland, Ohio. The alleged crime? Hitting a woman in a dispute over whether or not he could climb on board her party bus. This is not a tasteless euphemism for rape; she was actually driving one of those colorful vehicles that takes whooping frat boys around to various bars.

Via E! Online:

Police say the Lost star was hanging out at a local bar on Saturday. As he left, he tried to board a party bus uninvited.

That's when the driver, Heather Bormann, told police she tried to block Fox from entering the vehicle. She says he was so steamed at being denied entry, he punched her in the breast and stomach.

According to the police report, the woman slugged Fox back, cutting his lip—and possibly breaking her hand in the skirmish.

It's important to note that no arrest was made in this scenario, but the incident remains under investigation. Did Fox mistake her for a member of the Dharma Initiative? Is this a plot to get him under Their control? Or is Matthew Fox just a mean drunk? Find out next time, on Foxed.