Matthew Fox Is Absolutely Unrecognizable As The Villain In Tyler Perry’s Alex Cross Movie

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Matthew Fox unrecognizable villain Alex Cross Tyler Perry photo

Would you believe me if I told you that that's Matthew Fox? We'd heard something about the Lost star appearing in the latest Alex Cross mystery I, Alex Cross as the villain—but who the hell is that? Gone is the shaggy hair and winning smile that we knew when Fox was Dr. Jack Shephard; his transformation here is nearly as drastic as when Christian Bale lost all that weight in The Machinist, except that Fox has gone to the other end of the spectrum and bulked up to the point of looking like one of those scary bodybuilders who can't kick his HGH habit.

I'm not sure how much Fox's Hulk-like appearance plays into his character. According to the Wikipedia entry for James Patterson‘s novel (spoilers!), Fox is playing Zeus, a mysterious masked figure who enjoys young escorts. Of course, in the movie he's renamed Picasso, so there's no telling what other character details got changed from page to script.

Matthew Fox unrecognizable villain Alex Cross Tyler Perry photos

You know who else is unrecognizable in this movie? Alex Cross. That's because I'm used to Morgan Freeman playing him in Kiss the Girls and Along Came a Spider. You know, an imposing actor with the perfect blend of gravitas and humor? To be fair, Perry has played dramatic roles before, but it's just a hell of a lot to live up to to play Alex Cross, in terms of both the character and filling a legendary actor's shoes.

The film comes out October 26, 2012… I'll be curious to see how both performances hold up.

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